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Timberkits are wooden kits designed to show basic mechanical principles in fun way! Most use cams, levers and linkages to produce an animated automaton. Wound by a handle on the front (or by a battery operated motor kit available as an optional extra) these completely wooden kits give hours of fun, both in the making and in the satisfying turn of the handle!

Designed for children (and adults!) from the age of 9, all wooden parts are pre-cut and drilled and ready for assembly.

The boxed kits also include PVA wood glue, wax and sandpaper for finishing. A comprehensive set of instructions and colour photographs are included. There is also a dedicated helpline number if you get really stuck!

At The Victorian Model Workshop we have all of the Timberkit models made up to try on permanent display.

We can also offer advice on assembly and suitability if you need it…Just ask!

Happy Building.

Available products

The Guitarist

Leans forward and bends at the knee while both arms move to play the guitar.

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Drummer

His left foot operates the
‘hi-hat’ cymbal, the right strikes the base drum. His hands hit the snare drum and cymbal.

Difficulty: Confident

The Pianist

The piano keys move as his fingers play the notes, his foot operates the pedal and he rocks back and forth.

Difficulty: Confident

The Dragon

The jaws opens the neck, tongue and head move. The wings and front leg lift.


The Bi-Plane

The plane swoops and dives as the propeller spins. The pilot steers the plane.

Difficulty: Confident

The Magician

Nods his head and opens his hands to reveal objects which change before your eyes…Magic!

Difficulty: Confident

The Beam Engine

The cylinder and beam are connected through Watts linkage to operate the flywheel and crank

Difficulty: Confident

The Rocket

Build your own 1829 model of Stevenson’s Rocket. Uses offset linkages to turn the wheels and pistons.

Difficulty: Expert

Happy Hands

The figure excitedly claps and the mouth opens. The kit contains parts so that the figure can be male or female. There is space on the base to write a message. Great for graduations or congratulations!

Difficulty: Beginner

Battery operated conversion kit

Motorise your model. Kit contains motor, pulley, battery holder, switch and wooden base box. Fits all models.


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